Day two. So, what do you do?

Word of the day: Nothing

This is not a sleep blog, but in the spirit of full disclosure I did not get out of bed until after 2pm today. Sorrynotsorry. When I first resigned and told my mum I wasn’t going to get a new job just yet she expressed a concern that I would go nocturnal, drink too much and stay in bed all day. I brushed it off at the time but it’s currently 1-0 mum.

So yesterday was a big day for me as I got a first real taste of #shunemployment by going to Chiltern Firehouse on a Tuesday night. It’s an upmarket members-only type bar, not the kind of place I would usually hang out, and probably not until the early hours of Wednesday morning with work the next day.¬†

Bit of a tangent but my mate Andy and I (hi Andy, thanks for everything) used to refer to the 30th of December as ‘Wheat from the chaff night’ with the idea that people who are willing to go big on the night before New Year’s Eve, after a big boozy Christmas, are the kind of people we want to hang out with. Chiltern Firehouse on a Tuesday night is a slightly different wheat from the chaff to Portsmouth Tiger Tiger in late December, but suffice to say there aren’t many 9-5ers worrying about next day’s deliverables.

I met some really interesting people – someone who is creating a platform for Nigerian musicians to sell their music globally. Another person buying up fishing rights in Somalia, someone with their own fashion label, a full time artist.

When one of these people asked me what I did the unplanned response was to smile and say “nothing.” Such a good feeling. They assumed I was some kind of trust fund kid, but when I explained that I used to work in finance and was looking to make a big change it sparked some great conversations with these inspirational people, a potential business opportunity and at least one man-date (more on that to come).


One of the catalysts for me quitting my job was the common question – “so what do you do?” Despite having achieved quite a lot to get to where I was in my career, for some reason I always felt a bit ashamed saying “I work in private equity.” For the last couple of years I hung my head and muttered the words because I just didn’t like talking about it.

The long term plan is to be able to walk into a room and tell people what it is I do with a smile on my face. As “nothing” will only work until I run out of money it is not a sustainable answer to that question, but it’s good for now.

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