Day one. Welcome to The Gump Method

Word of the day* : shunemployment

Hmmm. An inauspicious post-midday wake up for my first day of freedom.

This is not how I mean to go on but I’m blaming jet lag…. I took the Sunday night red eye back to London after 10 days of fun in New York, expertly woven into my last three workdays in the office.

Ok so how does this feel. Yep, pretty good so far. Everyone else is at work and I’m sat in a coffee shop with all the freelancers and a couple of new mums in Dalston. I’ve got my leather jacket on so feel more of an affinity with the former. I wonder if I still look like a guy who works in finance. Someone told me I had a ‘finance guy haircut’ the other day, just after I’d got it done. Gutted.

unemployed hero

So what am I actually doing. Well, I can’t claim to be funemployed as it’s Monday morning and I’m not having fun, so for now I’m calling it shunemployment. I am shunning the workplace and the hand that fed me, with no particular plan or timeline to stick to – the complete opposite of my typical working day.

For now, I’m not putting any pressure on. Immediate goals are to enjoy the freedom while reducing alcohol consumption, getting back in the gym, eating better, sleeping better and giving myself time for stuff, like actually planning where I am going to travel to rather than just naming a list of countries I haven’t been to – Russia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Colombia.

I also have a few short trips in Europe lined up over the next 5 weeks or so. These are things that were booked in advance when I was still working, and will be a nice warm up for the bigger trip(s) further afield. South of Spain with my mum (hi mum) then Oktoberfest in Munich (one of my favourite things in the world), then an ayahuasca retreat in the south of France (more on that another time). So at least some potential for weirdness before I go travelling for reals.

THE END (apart from the note below)


* I had a ‘word of the day’ in the diary I wrote as a kid, so I’m going to keep this up as a nod to the 12 year old me. In another nod to the 12 year old me here is the number 5318008. Please comment or send me a reply if that number means anything to you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day one. Welcome to The Gump Method

  1. For those that way inclined 5318008 are much more fun (nunber) than 55378008.
    Funny, despite being just a tad older than you :), I learnt that around the age of 12 as well!


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